ElizabethSusanJere Looking up to my father when I was small.
LorenAndElizabeth My advisor, Loren Pitt, and myself at my graduation.
WeddinginStLouis Wedding at the St. Louis courthouse at 1 pm August 14, 2002, the honorable judge Emmett M. O'Brien presiding. John Shareshian and Rachel Roberts were our witnesses.
NetsAndPets Nets with Stinky, Tana, and Squirrelly (also known as Kitten) in my rental house in Bloomington.
Which is Nets and which is Dagon? NetsAsBaby DagonAsBaby
SaraElizabethDagonat2 Elizabeth, Sara, and Dagon at Elizabeth's parents' home in Georgia.
DagonAndCousins Dagon and his young cousins on the Housworth/Bolton side. From left to right: Ross, Dagon, Tilly, Rachel, Will, and Carolyn.
DagonUnderDesk Tilly playing Hide and Seek with Dagon while Ross does the seeking, December 2006.
Death Kothar Hasis Katz was born and died on October 21, 2006.
DagonAndElizabeth Dagon and Elizabeth outside Elizabeth's parent's house, May 2007.
Ireah Ireah Katz, born November 1, 2007. He weighed 8 lb 6 oz.
DagonAndNetsAndIreah Nets, Dagon, and Ireah in our basement (Ireah is comforted by yellow) December, 2007.
StinkyAndSquirrelly My cats adopted off of the streets in Eugene, Oregon. Squirrelly on top, Stinky on bottom. Stinky passed away in May, 2006. Squirrelly passed away two years later.
Dog Our second dog, adopted "off the streets" in Raymondville, Missouri.
BumbleBee Dagon and Ireah in 2009. The children still looks the same in 2011.
ZooTrain Dagon and Ireah on the train at the zoo, July 2011.